45- Kane Caples
Kane Caples

Kane Caples

Age - 28
Los Angeles, United States
I want to make a full-length skate video to celebrate twelve Queer individuals, including myself, within skateboarding
Kane Caples

Los Angeles-based skateboarder Kane Caples shot to fame on TikTok, first gaining recognition for their irreverent skate videos. Now a rider for queer, POC-owned skate collective There Skateboards, in the barely two years since they started making TikToks, Caples has joined Converse’s all-star committe and been featured in publications as diverse as skater bible Thrasher Magazine and Vanity Fair.

He is currently at work on There Skateboards’ first full length skate video – was the Dazed 100 and Converse to support Caples’ creative endeavour, they would poor this resource into the film that will celebrate twelve queer individuals from the skateboarding community. “There’s rarely been any full length queer skate videos in the history of skating,” they say. “[The video] will show that [queer people] do have a space in skateboarding, and [show] aspiring LGBTQ+ skaters out there that they do as well.” His mission is to amplify the voices of queer skaters who might have gone unheard in the sport’s history: “We want to pioneer a standard of inclusivity within a community that has often been timid of folks who do not mirror what most of society looks like.”

Text Zsofia Paulikovics

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