Kazeem Kuteyi

Kazeem Kuteyi

Age - 32
Toronto, Canada
I’d create the New Currency hub, a non-transactional space where the youth can hang out, create and put on art shows
Kazeem Kuteyi

At the heart of Kazeem Kuteyi’s work as a cultural curator is the desire to facilitate spaces where young people can fulfil their creative potential. As a founder of New Currency – which describes itself as “a global youth platform dedicated to the exchange of ideas” – Kuteyi’s vocation is to provide opportunities for emerging artists in his hometown of Toronto to express themselves. “The kid that wants to put on an impromptu art show or performance piece is hindered by lack of space,” he tells Dazed. “The spaces that do exist come with a hefty price tag for anyone coming up.”

Just some of Kuteyi’s career highs so far include curating club night events and appearing on panel talks at Paris Fashion Week AW19. But Kuteyi’s focus isn’t limited to creating physical spaces for self-expression. New Currency has also achieved a great deal so far in the digital and publishing realms – running a radio show, a podcast and even producing their own New Currency magazine, the inaugural issue of which debuted in February of this year. Currently in the midst of creating issue two, the magazine is a vital part of Kuteyi’s ongoing work, functioning as “an archive and reference for new ideologies that serve as a catalyst of how we shape our future.”

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