Charlene Prempeh

Charlene Prempeh

Age - 39
London, United Kingdom
The innovator at the intersection of Black creativity & technology tackling institutional racism in the tech industry
Charlene Prempeh

In 2018, marketer Charlene Prempeh founded A Vibe Called Tech, an initiative and creative agency that explores the intersection of Black creativity, culture and innovation. The project was born out of a response to the institutionally racist technology landscape in the United Kingdom, with Prempeh identifying that Black people are not integrated or considered in the service design of technologies, and that, beyond this, these technologies are often used to reinforce existing racial inequalities. But even more inspiringly, A Vibe Called Tech looks to scope out the futures and potentials for Black people in tech, seeking to define how Black visionaries can reimagine and shape these futures.

The initiative has collaborated with Gucci twice on art-based projects – most recently it invited four Black artists to reimagine the Gucci x North Face collaboration. This followed an October series, which saw it collaborate with Gucci to celebrate Ghanaian culture along with arts collective Manju Journal, placing the iconic Gucci Jackie 1961 bag in a completely different, vibrant location to the more ‘traditional’ and European editorial shoots it is usually found in. Both collaborations were featured in British Vogue.

Text Jason Okundaye

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