Black Image Center

Black Image Center

Los Angeles, United States
We’d open a community space to cultivate the imagination of Black image-makers through free play, workshops & equipment
Black Image Center

The Los Angeles-based collective Black Image Center asks us to think about what media, museums and galleries could look like if proper investment, care and decision-making powers were given to Black creatives and image-makers. It was co-founded by Black photographers Maya June and Michael Tyrone Delaney. In their crowdfunding campaign, they describe themselves as cultivating “the imagination of Black image-makers through free play, workshops and equipment”. Their aim is to democratise the creative landscape for young Black image-makers, particularly Black queer image-makers, and to address the historic disenfranchisements of these demographics from art scenes and positions of power and influence.

This aim is coupled with tangible support; during US Black History Month, the collective awarded microgrants of $250 to twelve Los Angeles-based Black artists facing financial hardships due to Covid-19. Their work is driven by the belief that fostering Black creativity at its grassroots and under the harshest economic contexts, and providing access to creative resources, studios and event and exhibition spaces can engineer a revolution in Black creative potential.

Text Jason Okundaye

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