Tess McMillan

Tess McMillan


Tess McMillan
Tess McMillan

The Texas teen is making her mark on fashion

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LocationLondon, United Kingdom

    “Growing up, I would flip through the pages of magazines and I remember how deeply inspired and full of hope I would feel that someone could create something so beautiful,” says Texas-born model Tess McMillan, who is now based in Brooklyn and on the cusp of industry stardom. “I’m driven by that feeling to this day, and I hope to pass it down to generations below me.”

    Her career began two years ago, when a determined McMillan got in touch with a photographer who shared her digitals with a casting agent. Despite a non-sample size (and thus, convention-breaking) look, she was signed almost immediately. Since then, she has walked for Simone Rocha (the redhead cites her as one of her favourite designers) alongside the likes of Chloë Sevigny and Lily Cole, starred in the recent Rodarte campaign for a new collection celebrating women of all sizes, and featured in some major editorials.

    Currently enrolled on an acting course at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, the 12 months ahead look nothing but bright for this rising talent. “My future goals aren’t insanely specific,” she adds, “but I hope to make art that inspires people and makes the world feel more magical.”

    Hannah Tindle