Chella Man

Chella Man

Actor, Model, Artist, Activist

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Chella ManPhotography Ryan Duffin

The model, artist, and activist will play superhero Jericho on DC’s Titans series

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LocationNew York, United States

    You might not know his name yet, but Chella Man is set to make history as the first trans masculine actor cast in a DC superhero series with his role as Jericho in the upcoming Titans. Having grown up in Central Pennsylvania, Man left for New York at 17, also becoming the first trans masculine and Deaf person to sign with IMG Models. Since then, he’s also written for Conde Nast’s pioneering queer publication them, as well as given a TEDX talk about what it’s like to transition. It’s this topic around which his super successful YouTube channel is centred too: a place full of openness and education, where he discusses everything from his top surgery to his relationship with photographer MaryV Benoit.

    Not only a valued voice within New York’s LGBTQ+ community, Man is an active and engaged artist and queer activist among the city’s circles. “The discrimination I face as a Deaf, Jewish genderqueer, trans masculine person of colour powers my work,” Man explains. Despite having many strings to his bow, he puts his success down to the people surrounding and supporting him: “The chosen family I’ve been lucky enough to find here in New York makes me most proud. Their existence has saved my life and my identity.”

    Tom Rasmussen