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Rihannavia @badgalriri

Rihanna calls for every vote to be counted this US election

Count 👏 Every 👏 Vote 👏 We’ll 👏 Wait

During one of the tensest US elections in recent history, Rihanna has reminded Americans that you can’t rush democracy.

As votes for the presidential election continue to be tallied and mail-in ballots are counted, the artist shared a simple tweet: “Count every vote,” she posted to her near-100 million followers on the social media platform. “We’ll wait.”

She rehashed the message on Instagram, posting it via a series of six photos.

Rihanna has been a vocal critic of incumbent president Donald Trump, having previously called him “the most mentally ill person in America”. Her latest comment came as Trump pushed for legitimate votes to be ignored in states where he holds a lead over Democratic candidate Joe Biden, and launched legal action to disrupt the counting process.

Trump has continued to peddle conspiracy theories and misinformation about ballot-counting, even going as far as to falsely declare his victory – which is exactly what Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders predicted would happen almost two weeks ago.