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Breonna Taylor
Breonna Taylor

Justice for Breonna Taylor petition exceeds 10 million signatures

The milestone comes four months after the 26-year-old was fatally shot by police officers in Kentucky during a raid of the wrong house

The petition calling for justice for Breonna Taylor, the 26-year-old who was killed by police officers in Kentucky in March, has amassed over 10 million signatures. It is now the second largest petition in history, just behind one demanding justice for George Floyd, which is currently at 19.2 million signatures. 

Taylor was fatally shot by law enforcement just over four months ago, when the Louisville Police Department entered her home with a no-knock warrant. The officers were intending to raid a ‘drug house’ more than 10 miles away, and had burst into the wrong property when they murdered Taylor.

As the petition says: “Not a single officer announced themselves before ramming down her door and firing 22 shots, shooting Breonna eight times, killing her.”

The petition is calling for charges to be brought against the officers involved: John Mattingly, Brett Hankison, Myles Cosgrove, and Joshua Jaynes. At the time of writing, just Hankison has been fired – no other officers have faced repercussions.

Other demands include paying wrongful death damages to Taylor’s family, appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the Louisville Police Department, and banning no-knock warrants.

“This has carried on for over four months,” the petition states. “For weeks, the city treated Breonna like she was a criminal, calling her a ‘suspect’ before finally admitting that she was an innocent, crimeless victim. She had no drugs. She committed no crime. Yet she is dead, and the perpetrators are facing no charges.”

Taylor was an award-winning emergency medical technician who worked at two hospitals, continuing her role as a key worker during the coronavirus pandemic. Her death has sparked worldwide outrage, and is another tragic example of unjust police brutality against Black people.

Last month, Beyoncé wrote an open letter to Kentucky’s attorney general demanding justice for Taylor. “Your office has both the power and responsibility to bring justice to Breonna Taylor,” the superstar wrote, “and demonstrate the value of a Black woman’s life. Don’t let this case fall into the pattern of no action after a terrible tragedy.”

Taylor’s murder happened two months before Floyd was killed by officers in Minneapolis. Both deaths are at the centre of the current Black Lives Matter movement, which has seen the biggest civil uprising in the US in over 50 years.

Sign the petition calling for justice for Breonna Taylor here.