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Hong Kong Anthm
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Hong Kong protesters now have an unofficial anthem

‘For Hong Kong, may freedom reign’

After several months of demonstrations in Hong Kong that have resulted in violent clashes with police, pro-democracy protesters have adopted an unofficial anthem for the city, “Glory to Hong Kong”, a rallying cry intended to unite protesters in their struggle.

In a mass gathering on Thursday in one of the city’s major malls, hundreds of demonstrators assembled to sing the defiant anthem, written just a few weeks ago, which opens with the lyrics: “We pledge: no more tears on our land, in wrath, doubts dispelled we make our stand. Arise! Ye who would not be slaves again, for Hong Kong, may freedom reign.”

“Glory to Hong Kong” was originally composed anonymously, and then collectively modified in online forums, rendering it a kind of musical representation of the decentralised protest movement. A man claiming to have been the initial composer, who goes simply by the name Thomas, then came forward, telling reporters “I wanted to have a melody that can unite all protesters, even those that are not normally part of the campaign”. 

He added: “I can buy [protesters] helmets as well, I can save them from physical violence, but maybe I can give them something more, something that's spiritual. I think that the best thing to do is to come up with a new song to unite them.”

A performance of the song has gathered over one million views on YouTube in just three days, featuring a full orchestra and choir sporting gas masks, filters, and helmets. The protests continue, although “Glory to Hong Kong” has helped to shift demonstrations away from violence in the past week, prompting singalongs in malls across the city.

Watch a video of the anthem below: