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The best memes from the shitshow that is the UK government
Via Twitter @LeftieK13

The memes defining the shitshow that is UK politics right now

Humour as a coping mechanism!

The latest series of The UK is back, and it looks like it could be the last. After a long hot summer without the spine-chilling touch of our ghoulish government, the Houses of Commons reconvened yesterday (September 3), and it’s… worse than ever.

A brief recap: despite over 100 MPs urging the prime minister to recall parliament, Boris Johnson decided to prorogue until October 14, giving politicians just two and a half weeks to stop a No Deal Brexit. With our democracy taken away, thousands of protesters took to the streets, even drowning out Johnson with cries of “stop the coup” during his speech outside Number 10. 

Yesterday, on their first day back in the office, the Tories lost their majority before MPs defeated the government, taking control of the House in order to debate a bill that aims to stop the UK leaving the EU without a deal on October 31. Johnson was infuriated, immediately withdrawing the whip from 21 Tory rebels, including ‘father of the house’ Ken Clarke, and ex-leadership hopeful Rory Stewart (who was dumped via text). The prime minister also tabled a motion for a general election, though Labour has said it won’t “dance to Boris Johnson’s tune” by backing one unless No Deal is ruled out first.

At the time of writing, MPs are debating the bill. So, while we wait to find out what happens next – “I’ve got a text!” – here’s some good memes about the Brexit shitshow to get you through the evening.


In a spectacular display of what MP Anna Turley described as “arrogance, entitlement, disrespect, and contempt” for parliament, Jacob Rees-Mogg lounged with his eyes closed while MPs debated the future of democracy. Although Rees-Mogg will undoubtedly use the excuse that he was lying close to a speaker in order to hear debates more clearly, the pose was chastised by politicians and the media alike.


If you’re part of a government that failed to rehouse Grenfell fire survivors, forced countless women into survival sex, and was responsible for the Windrush scandal, you shouldn’t be too shocked to find that people have little sympathy when you lose your job. Congrats for finally standing up for the people, but too little too late IMO. 


Speaker John Bercow absolutely destroying Michael Gove is reminiscent of when your mum told you to “stop showing off” when you had friends round for tea. Clearly tired of Gove’s incessant chat, Bercow delivered a perfect burn telling Gove he should behave like “the well-behaved fellow” he is when he drops his kids off at school. “Spare us the theatrics, behave yourself, be a good boy, young man!”


In February, the Dutch government revealed their ‘Brexit mascot’ – a blue fluffy monstrosity with an enormous head, no mouth, and a Fruit of the Loom ‘Brexit’ t-shirt. Supposedly created to encourage people to do a Brexit Impact Scan, the creature is freaky as hell, and has resurfaced during this week’s troubled times, presumably to suck the blood of the Tory rebels. 


Not technically a meme, but look, the government is so outrageous that it’s actually just a meme in itself. Here we have 55-year-old prime minister Boris Johnson calling Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn a “great big girl’s blouse”. Very cool!


Our most important and insightful comrades in this fractured political landscape have been the admins of Ireland Simpsons Fans; with a reference, quote, or iconic character moment across the mammoth TV series (avoiding the last 500 episodes or so, shiter), the group has been skewering politics like no other.

“I think when you see a country that was once your colonial master put itself into such a mess… there’s naturally going to be some kind of ridicule going their way,” Brian Quinn, a moderator for the page, previously told Dazed. “There are so many memes that that depict this. Like Homer in the bath (representing the Brits) is about to be hit with a chair (Brexit) by Bart (also the Brits). Or Bart (the Brits again) with a hammer (Brexit) smashing some ketchup packets (the Brits) on the living room carpet.”

Are the Brits at it again? That’s a paddlin’.