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Ash Sarkar yelling ‘I’m a communist, you idiot!’ at Piers Morgan is heaven

Watching it on a loop

Ash Sarkar, a political journalist, commentator, activist, and gun fingers baddie, has done what so many of us aspire to do: completely thrash Piers Morgan on live TV.

Ahead of Donald Trump’s visit to the UK (July 13), Sarkar joined the Good Morning Britain show to discuss why she would be protesting. The Novara Media journalist is part of the Stop Trump Coalition, demonstrating against the U.S president – she attempted to explain her reasons and mission, but what shouted down by the show’s co-host and resident man baby Morgan.

Sarkar, who was recently featured in the last issue of Dazed discussing her own activism, attempts to outline the purpose of the protest, beginning to explain how border separations carried out under Trump were repugnant and the sight of the British Prime Minister Theresa May liaising with him was an embarrassment. She is continually interrupted by the former newspaper editor and Trump supporter.

Morgan, ranting at Sarkar relentlessly, accuses her of ignoring previous president Barack Obama’s expansion of deportations during his tenure. Like a rabid dog, Morgan asks again and again if Sarkar knows the exact number of people deported during Obama’s presidency. Sarkar continually asserts that she has long been a critic of Obama’s policies and an anti-war and migrants rights campaigner.

“Go check out some basic facts on your hero Obama,” Piers retorts.

Sarkar says: “He’s not my hero, I’m a communist, you idiot.” She adds that Morgan has continually strawmanned her as a guest to “make up for incompetence as a journalist”, grilling her more than he ever has Trump.

Today, (July 13), Morgan and co-host Susanna Reid were joined by ex chief strategist and Breitbart founder Steve Bannon on the morning talk show. Unsurprisingly, Morgan doesn’t use his usual aggressive interview strategy with Bannon, who looks like a big bag of lumpy onions.

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