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Rihanna puts pressure on Theresa May to donate £380 million to charity

Bitch better have my money ... for my global education fund

She’s donated bikes to Malawian girls to get them to school, she called on Donald Trump to help Puerto Rico, and Harvard University gave her the ‘Humanitarian of the Year’ award last year after she built  “a state-of-the-art centre for oncology and nuclear medicine to diagnose and treat breast cancer” in her hometown of Bridgetown, Barbados.

Now the singer, who is famed for her social media clapbacks has taken to Twitter to urge British Prime Minister, Theresa May, to do her part to improve education in developing countries. It followed a series of tweets to world leaders in which she calls on them to “prioritise girls” and make a “historic” pledge. £380 million to be exact.

May seems to have been a bit too busy to reply to Rihanna, but she has found time to retweet some awkward press shots of her and her husband strutting around Shanghai.

The tweets come just ahead of the funding conference for the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) in Senegal this week, which Rihanna has been heavily involved with over the past couple of years. It aims to raise $2bn annual funding by 2020. Though Rihanna has asked the UK to commit to £380 million it is feared that Britain’s pledge will fall short.

You’d think throwing yourself into being an advocate for women, children, and LGBT causes would be nothing but positive, but as Rihanna becomes an increasingly politicised figure she’s starting to gain some strange critics. As news spreads that the singer is due to attend the Senegalese conference, local religious groups are protesting her arrival.

An association of about 30 Islamic associations called No to Freemasonry and Homosexuality have asked the government to cancel her visit, stating that she is not welcome in their country since they believe she intends to promote homosexuality as part of a Freemason/ Illuminati agenda.

Out of make-up mogul Rihanna, high fashion Rihanna, philanthropist Rihanna, and Illuminati gay agenda Rihanna, it’s really hard to choose a favourite.