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The White Pendragonsvia Josie Powell / Facebook

Pro-Trump white supremacists just tried to arrest Sadiq Khan

Their next target is Amber Rudd MP, who they've threatened with ‘hanging’

A new, pro-Trump white supremacist group called the White Pendragons today attempted to arrest the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan as he began to give a speech at the Fabian Society in central London. This comes after Trump cancelled his state visit to the UK after fears of mass protests

The group interrupted the mayor by shouting pro-Trump, pro-Brexit slogans. They addressed the audience and said: “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re here today to make a non-violent, peaceful citizen’s arrest.”

When security tried to remove the protestors, members of the group said: “We stand under Common Law jurisdiction. If you touch us, you’ll be done for common assault. Please stand back, do not touch us. We’re not leaving, we’ve paid for a ticket.”

Khan tweeted on Thursday that he was glad Trump had “got the message” that he was “not welcome” in London, and after the Pendragon protestors were removed he said it was a pleasure to be giving the talk despite the actions of some “very stable geniuses” – in a pointed dig at the president.


In a video released shortly after the incident involving the mayor today, a dozen of the White Pendragons can be seen drinking beer and congratulating each other outside a pub. “Khan does not speak for us,” says Graham Moore, who posted the video on Facebook.

The video also serves as a warning to Tory Home Secretary Amber Rudd, who is said to be next on their list of targets thanks to her anti-Brexit stance.

“The next person we're going for under a citizen's arrest is Amber Rudd. She won't know when, she won't know how. But let me tell you something. We've got evidence against Amber Rudd. We've got enough evidence against her to hang her.”

“Watch out because we're coming for you,” chimes in another member, Davey Russell.


The Pendragons are a white supremacist group that has a small but virulent online presence. Followers of the group can be identified by their use of a white dragon logo on social media. 

Their closed Facebook page reads: “If you can please show your support by flying the white dragon because we need to create and maintain the unity of all Britain's, English, Welsh, Scots and Irish pro-active men and women who will all do whatever it takes to get this establishment educated on our constitutional rights.”

The leader of the group appears to be a man named Graham Moore who has cropped up as a commentator on Russia Today, talking about (in the words of the group) “radical Islamic terror in Europe and in the UK” and who ran as an MP for the nationalist English Democrats party in 2016.

The group uses thinly veiled white supremacist language spiked with references to “white rabbit”, and the “invasion” of the country, while publicly stating that they “welcome all whatever colour, race or religion”.