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Nationalist youth rally in Poland draws 60,000

Although not all who attended were white supremacists, some marchers carried banners reading ‘Europe Will Be White’ and ‘Clean Blood’

Today is Remembrance Sunday in the UK, a day which is supposed to remind us of the sacrifices made in the effort to stop Hitler and the Nazis. But worryingly, many of us woke up this morning to the sight of 60,000 of our European neighbours in Poland marching while chanting white supremacist slogans. 

This was the independence-day procession that took place in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, organised by a nationalist youth movement that seeks an ethnically pure Poland with fewer Jews or Muslims. Reports state that they carried banners reading ‘Europe Will Be White’ and ‘Clean Blood’.

Celebrated on November 11 each year, 2017 marks 99 years since Poland was given its independence from the Russian Empire. Marches have taken place since 2008, and have been marred by violence and vandalism in the past.

According to the Guardian, this year's march was perhaps the biggest yet, and far-right leaders including the UK's ex-EDL  Tommy Robinson and fascist politician Roberto Fiore from Italy were in attendance.

The marchers are also reported to have been chanting "We Want God", taken from a speech the white-supremacist-courting President of the United States, Donald Trump, made while visiting the country in July.

American white supremacist Richard Spencer, who helped orchestrate the catastrophic events in Charlottesville, was also supposed to be speaking at the rally before the government intervened.

2017 has seen a sharp incline in the visibility of far-right hate groups in the United States and beyond. Meanwhile, in the UK hate crimes perpetrated against minority groups have been on the rise.

Instead of condemning the rally, the local Polish government told the Wall Street Journal they had no choice but to approve the demonstration, as it fulfilled legal requirements - qualifying as a celebration of Polish history.