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YOUTH CLUB’s Unite and Take Over exhibition, London
Photography Gavin Watson, courtesy of YOUTH CLUBPhotography Gavin Watson, courtesy of YOUTH CLUB

The subcultures that brought the UK together

From the 80s rave scene to the East London grime MCs of the early 00s, a new exhibition offers an ode to the unity of British youth and its subcultures

Currently on show is Unite and Take Over, a celebratory documentation of the UK subcultures that brought us together, curated by London not-for-profit organisation YOUTH CLUB. Located within the Camden Stables Market, the exhibition captures some of London’s most iconic youth movements, tracking the evolution of the city’s countercultural activity – from the rave scene of the 80s, to the East London grime MCs of the early 00s.

Dave Swindells, Gavin WatsonNormski and Molly Macindoe are just some of the photographers whose work features in the vast collection. Speaking with Dazed Digital in 2016 about her work, Macindoe said: “Despite vast demographic differences and diverse personalities, these individuals share common experiences that have shaped them as people.

“Whether their childhood days were spent on traveller sites or in public schools, what they have in common is individualism, independence, and creativity. These shared qualities have forged a network across the world, which is constantly growing and changing.”

The exhibition runs until June 2. The organisers have announced that the venue will serve as an “adult youth club”, featuring a nostalgic collection of vintage arcade games, music and table tennis, as well as old school snacks and drinks.  

Unite and Take Over runs until June 2 at Camden Stables Market