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Photo by Rankin

Rankin Open & Live

The acclaimed photographer and Dazed co-founder announces his Open exhibition in Los Angeles and New York, where people also are invited to partake in his latest Live project

This May, acclaimed British photographer Rankin will look back on 20 years of work in his latest exhibition at the prestigious Milk Gallery in New York. Located in the heart of the city’s trend-setting Meatpacking District, the five-day residency will display a selection of images from Rankin’s back catalogue, capturing a generation of celebrity, political icons and artists alongside poignant works from charity projects. There's also a west coast version of the expo in Los Angeles at around the same time. Titled ‘Open’, the exhibit channels Rankin’s overarching approach to the celebrated singular style that has saw him collaborate with some of the most renowned figures in the world: “I have to be open to new people, experiences and challenges", Rankin says of his work.

Running alongside the Open exhibition, Dazed & Confused's co-founder hosts the second installment of ‘Rankin Live’. Leading on from the overwhelming success of the original 2009 project based here in London, Rankin's New York Live will give people the opportunity to contribute to the photographers iconic works in a live and interactive show. Using pioneering photographic technology to retouch and display images in a live 20-minute turn around, Rankin will capture the most unique personalities in their own personal shoot where all proceeds raised will go to Oxfam America.

Rankin Live will take place on the 1st-5th June 2011, at: Milk Gallery, 450 West 15th Street, number 800, New York, NY 10011-7057, USA. Follow Rankin and Rankin Live on Facebook and Twitter. Open New York:  25th May - 11th June, and Open Los Angeles: 27th May - 23rd July