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Toro Y Moi Recommends

Geeky American chillwave pioneer Toro Y Moi, aka Chazwick Bundick, gives us the lowdown on his pop cultural favourites

Chazwick Bundick, the 24-year-old Columbian-born musician, kicked off his 30-stop North American tour this week to promote his recently released album Underneath The Pine. Also known as Toro Y Moi (translating to Bull and Me), Bundick’s blend of horror movie soundtrack and space disco influenced electro pop, alongside producing projects through Les Sins, has earned him a title as the pioneer of chillwave. Recording from the same bedroom he grew up in listening to the likes of Daft Punk, Dilla and Weezer at his family home in Columbia, Bundick has written about everything from his girlfriends to best friends. He gives us his recommendations…

Can you recommend....

... three new acts?

Those Lavender Whales, Coma Cinema, and Shore

...three old acts?

Cherrelle, Indeep, Lonnie Smith

...a record label?

Fork and Spoon

... a film?

Enter The Void

... a book?

Dog Craps by Sam Spina

... something on YouTube?

... a shop / place to eat?

Hayes St, San Francisco

...a place to go?

South Carolina

... something to do on a day off?

drinks on the porch

... a song everyone should hear?

That's All For Everyone by Fleetwood Mac


Photography Colin Dodgson