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Photo by Joseph Tovey Frost

My Panda Shall Fly

Famed for his love of cords and Reeboks, the young London-based producer is the latest signing to land on Dam Mantle's new label, Growing Records

Coined after a wholesome day out at Alton Towers, My Panda Shall Fly is the Sri Lankan-born visual artist and producer, Suren Seneviratne, who first caught attention with his rework of Pirate Soundsystem’s 'Dub N U', as featured on the Pitchfork Forkcast and gracing last year. The graphic designer for LuckyPDF by day and DJ by night has had supporters in the likes of Gold Panda and Vondelpark, doing remixes for Hyperdub act, Terror Danjah and playing parties for Off Modern.

Now, with his enigmatic beard in tow, the young South Londoner has crossed the final creative boundary for him, by producing his aptly-named debut EP, 'Sorry I Took So Long'. Dealing in dubby, electronic sounds, Seneviratne is the first non-Dam Mantle artist to be released the latter's new imprint, Growing Records - an off-shoot of Wichita.


...your special talent?

 I can make a really good hot chocolate. Just give me some cocoa and a cow.

…the story behind your name?

This is an odd one because we never agree on how it actually came about. The way I remember it, the search for our name led us to Alton Towers where we split up for the whole day and met up after with a word we'd all carefully chosen. Originally it was "Fly Shall Panda " so we just jumbled it around and added "My" in front of it.

... your favourite sound?

I like a variety of sounds; birds, waterfalls, rivers, dentist drilling, explosions, alarms etc.

...your worst vice?

 Probably forgetting to blink. That's the WORST.

...your worst fashion secret?

I've been caught mixing maroon corduroy trousers with a ghastly blue checkered shirt with a fresh pair of white Reeboks once. Luckily there weren'tm any pictures that have survived. That I know of.

...your favourite website?

Don't think I could name just one. I remember seeing the "Hamster Dance" when I was in school and being one of the first funny sites I'd come across as a teen.
... good for breakfast?

 You can't beat a good ol' box o' cereal - for example I just bought a box of Sugar Puffs and they're so damn tasty. Pancakes are also good, as are chocolate sandwiches.

... the best thing about where you're from?
There's often elephants walking around (Sri Lanka)  or You're never too far from gun crime (Peckham) the top of your shit list?

Having to pay for bottled water.

...are you listening to now?

The music from the Killer Instinct game

How would you describe your work?

Sun-kissed Tibetan crunk meets Nu-Wave Disco beat. Or Soul.

My Panda Shall Fly's debut single is out on Growing Records on April 11th