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James Braun at FYB

Cult Danish label Tartelet Records' finest members James Braun & Kenton Slash Demon grace the new night Fill Yer Boots at London's Plan B

Connoisseurs and party-promoters of house and bass music, Fill Yer Boots who have honed their line-ups with the likes of George Fitzgerald, the Wolf Music crew, Ben UFO, WBeeza and Skulljuice for their parties, are set to bring another night of refined tech-house to South London's Plan B. This Saturday sees Copenhagen's Tartelet Records signings, James Braun perhaps best known for his edit of Addison Groove's juke anthem 'Footcrab' and Kenton Slash Demon - half of the Danish band When Saints Go Machine. The eclectic duo who have worked with the likes of close friend Kasper Bjorke to WhoMadeWho's Tomboy (one of the original co-founders of the Tartelet label now run by renowned DJ, Fredski) will be making their UK debut with support from the Fill Yer Boots residents and a guest from Dazed.

Dazed Digital: Who is 'James Braun'?
James Braun: James Braun is my alter ego and long time friend. It's my playground somewhere in-between creative and commercial, the familiar and the unknown.

DD: Having worked with quite different sounds from your own past tech-house stuff to Addison Groove's juke for a remix, do you think you have a particular style you'd like to call your own?
James Braun: It's always difficult to categorize yourself, but lately I've been getting closer to where my first interest in electronic music came from, namely American house and techno. I think I would describe my sound as somewhere between house and techno with a pinch of German minimalism and Scandinavian melancholy.

DD: If so/not, what are your favourite sounds of the moment?
James Braun: I've been really into the new wave of US producers for a few years now. E.g. DJ Qu, Levon Vincent etc but also there are some really talented guys doing great stuff in Copenhagen at the moment. Everybody should look up Dan M, Ubebe, 2400 Operator, Sapriori and Psimono who all deserve to go far beyond the boundaries of Denmark.

DD: Do you have anything coming out on Tartelet again soon? Working on an album?
James Braun: I have a few releases coming out. Right now a remix of Brandt Brauer Frick on Tartelet and an EP as well late Spring/early Summer. Talking about Brandt Brauer Frick, they are releasing a track of mine on their The Gym label, which you can see their cover version of it here (at 2:52 min). Also, a collaboration with Dan M on Jackoff (cool, new, Berlin-based label by Elie Eidelman) will be out later this year. I started working on an album last winter, but I decided to split the tracks up into EP's instead. I still would like to do an album at some point though.

DD: You'll be playing London's Fill Yer Boots and doing a night at Watergate with Soul Clap/W+L? Have you played London before?
James Braun: No, I've never even been to London, so I'm looking very much forward to this!

DD: And what else are you up to/are most excited about next?
James Braun:  Exploring my sounds and letting my mind go. Or something.

James Braun and Kenton Slash Demon play Fill Yer Boots Present Tartelet Records at Plan B, Brixton, this Saturday 19th March, 6pm - 5am; £6 RA advance tickets, £8 on the door