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The Brookyln-based boys & girls get guidance from YYY's Nick Zinner for their upcoming release

Brooklyn's Hunters are onto something. Their music is charged with wild energy led by singers/guitarists Derek Watson and Isabel Ibsen. Mixing boy/girl harmonies with super catchy guitars, their songs tend to get stuck in your head before you even finish listening to them. Somewhere along the way they got with Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs who mixed their upcoming EP, and former Smashing Pumpkin James Iha on the production end. The result is exactly what you would expect. Well, maybe not... think The Vaselines on a wonderfully chaotic acid binge.

Dazed Digital: What's the distinction between "a band from new york" and "a band from brooklyn"?
Isabel Ibsen: How much rent they pay.
Derek Watson: There's a ton of rad bands in Brooklyn right now. Most likely because they have time to make music, and not worry about rent as much. It also seems like lots of bands here use the money they save on rent for reverb pedals.

DD: If you could create a new musical genre what would it be called?
Derek Watson:
Thats tough... I think I'd need a mirrorball suit to answer that.
Isabel Ibsen: Deribel! ha
Derek Watson: Haha that sounds like terrible

DD: Whats better, the creation, the recording, or the performance?
Derek Watson: Creation is always fun, but playing shows is the best for sure. I wish we could play shows everyday.
Isabel Ibsen: Yeah definitely playing shows! There is nothing more fun than that.

DD: Whats your favorite symbol?
Isabel Ibsen: A symbol we made. Its a triangle, but its filled with different shapes and the symbol represents us. Cause its like half me, half him.

DD: Heard any good jokes lately?
Derek Watson: Our bass player and drummer John and Odell really are the comedians of the band.
Isabel Ibsen: Totally.
Derek Watson: Odells always banging jokes out. 

Hunters' split 7" with Montreal's Dead Wife out now on Swill Children Records.