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Patrick Wolf Exclusive Video Journal

The eccentric singer shares his exclusive video journal about the making of the film for his next single The City

Back with his new single, Patrick Wolf is out on a new UK tour this March 2011. After his last single ‘Time Of My Life’, Wolf has finally returned with his new album is due for release in May through the brand new label Hideout Recordings. For the release of his second single “The City”, on March 14th 2011, Wolf has kindly taken this video journal following him in his day to day life for the making of his new video.

Dazed Digital: The City has been described as your most up-beat pop song yet... is this a natural evolution of your sound or are you just happier these days?
Patrick Wolf:
I think this song shares my nonstop determination to never let anyone else screw things up on your behalf, whatever situation, banks, governments or bad business, bullies at school, to not let all your positive elements be dragged down or lost in times of adversity. Im definitely naturally evolving, I strive to never make the same thing twice in my life! As to happiness.. I would say I know myself better these days, It was important to me growing up as a songwriter to not be burdened with any badness from my past, I felt too heavy and low towards the end of the last album tour and after I needed to focus on working through some problems I had never faced before, trying to shed a skin... Writing The City was definitely a turning point musically for me in my life, a breath of fresh air from existing in quite a pastoral nocturnal world with the last album.

DD: What inspires you to write your music?
Patrick Wolf: I think the moment I need to confess something I've been brewing up inside me is when i need to write a song, I mull over a lot of situations and emotions and suddenly or slowly it comes back out as melody or poem form first, its hard to say, my life has been totally dedicated to writing songs for over a decade now, i wouldn't know what else to do, i think with this album, I was focused on romance and euphoria, as producer I chose instruments that I thought would sound like falling in love or longing, yearning for someone else. I think this is the most intimate and honest album i've made ever, especially lyrically, i didnt want to disguise my emotions in too much fantasy,everything is a true life story, moving away from fairytales and fiction, back to raw nerves, real world and love.

DD:You obviously have an interest in clothes and distinct style, what's your worst fashion secret?
Patrick Wolf: I dont know what a fashion secret is!? I am really enjoying collaborating with someone for this album Anthony Stephinson who I've known since I was 15 or so. He says he remembers me when I used to use a hollowed out pumpkin as a bag when i was 16 in soho, i used to have alot of taxidermy going on..I find it hard to remember this stuff, its lovely now to have a deep connection with someone I can trust to create the visual world with me as to styling and working with other designers, who knows my history as a performer and who can be putting as much love into how the album will look as I did writing it and making it sound.

DD: How do you feel about the Journal video? Was it an accurate portrayal of how things went down?
Patrick Wolf: William who films and edits these journals, he is a very talented film maker and editor so of course..i totally trust him and he knows my aesthetics very well. I feel like these journals are very personal video letters from me to my wolf pack around the world, I want to keep making them for many years, I am really falling in love with the opportunities of this digital age, so many mediums of expression and communication and almost zero rules.. really exciting times.

DD: What are you most excited about next?
Patrick Wolf: I'm going on a first pre-album European and Russian tour, shooting the new album front cover, another single and video, and I want to know what my album sounds like in the sunshine now I've finished it in cold rainy february and a summer wedding.

Film by William Pollock