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When Saints Go Machine

The Copenhagen-based band blend lush electronica with pop sentimentalities with their new mini album

Amongst the slather of indie-pop bands to come out of Scandinavia, Danish four-piece When Saints Go Machine is the latest one honing the talent of blending catchy melodies with electronic offbeatness. The four childhood friends met through their parents in Copenhagen when in 2007, Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild and Simon Muschinsky teamed up with Jonas Kenton and Silas Moldenhawer also known for their tech-house production alias, Kenton Slash Demon. Their new mini album is a shimmering pop gem with an upbeat lead track 'Fail Forever' featuring soft electronic layers over a backdrop of melancholy cellos, as remixed by mad French act dOP. Often playing with experimental drum patterns and soaring strings, their 'Pick Up Your Tears And Run' is an ethereal wonder created from their intertwined voices and distorted keys. 


...special about you, then?

 A scar on my forehead, two dots on my face and an ugly tattoo I don’t really remember having done from when I was 16 and music to fit it.

...your favourite website (not your own..)?

... good for breakfast?

 Grapefruits, coffee, cigarettes and Adam and Oli’s famous squatted sandwiches with everything from the fridge.

... the world coming to?

An intermediate state between being and nothing.

…the story behind your band name?

We wanted to have a band name that sounded like an army of organic robots and “When The Saints Go Marching In” was lying on top of a pile of records ready to be thrown out because it’s not worth listening to but we stole a couple of words instead. And we thought maybe a long one would make people look twice and listen to our music, Don’t really know if it works though.

 ...your worst fashion secret?

I actually don’t like wearing anything but sneakers and jeans.

….the last song you listened to?

Nick Drake's 'Know'; that means the next one will be 'Parasite'.

... who is your hero?

I couldn’t answer for the three other guys, but I don’t have any, didn’t know I was supposed to. Would have been a cool one though, like Bugs Bunny, Sun Ra or Eazy-E. 

... your favourite place to play live?

Vegas large hall in Copenhagen. We’re all from Copenhagen and this was the place we dreamt about playing while growing up and now we’ve been there twice.