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Kenton Slash Demon at Airwaves

We caught up with Tartelet Records' eclectic duo at Iceland's riotous Airwaves Festival as they release their new EP 'Matter'

Having created a buzz in the tech-house scene with their early tracks 'Khattabi' and 'Singla' as supported by Brodinski, the quirky Danish duo Kenton Slash Demon (nicknames from childhood for Jonas Kenton and Silas Moldenhawer) have since garnered the reputation for creating a hugely diverse array of sounds from ethnically-inspired techy tracks to more pop-tinged electronic music and are even in a band on the side, When Saints Go Machine. Their current trilogy of EPs from Fredski (and formerly Tomboy of WhoMadeWho) Tartelet Records, 'Sun' and newest release 'Matter' are intricately epic gems playing with layered strings, often melancholic chords and perfectly timed percussive claps. Watch out for the next instalment, 'Daemon'.

Dazed Digital: How was your experience at Iceland Airwaves? 
Kenton Slash Demon:
We love this Festival. Nice people, Sexy Lazer and plenty of natural hot springs, a perfect combination. The best party was the off-venue party Wednesday’s night, too bad the police had to ruin the fun.

DD: When is your new single 'Matter' out on Tartelet?
Kenton Slash Demon: It’s out now. Take a look at the beautiful video created by Dark Matters.

DD: Last time we mentioned your 'sound' has changed a lot already from when you first started producing, is there another direction you think you are heading from now? Will you be keeping the space/galaxy elements from hereon?
Kenton Slash Demon: We’re constantly trying out new things but at the same time we believe we discover what we wanted to do with KSD when we created ‘Sun’. We came up with the idea for the trilogy artwork and the titles before we finish the music, so we had to make the music fit the titles and the pictures. ‘Sun’ was a very warm sounding track, where ‘Matter’ is massive and colder sounding. On ‘Daemon’ everything will end in a black hole.

DD: Do you have any dream collaborators you would like to work with in future?
Kenton Slash Demon: We'd love to work with Mathew Herbert and have Roisin Murphy on a track that would be cool. 

DD: Jonas, what can we expect from the second album from your side project, When Saints Go Machine?
Kenton Slash Demon: We’re actually both in WSGM. We’re almost done with our sophomore album and just signed a deal with !K7. An EP titled ‘Fail Forever’ will be released worldwide soon.