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Ghostpoet / Streets of Beige Club

We talk to the electronic artist Ghostpoet as he prepares to headline a night to remember at Macbeth

Set to play the next Streets of Beige night at London's Macbeth tonight, Friday 7th January, haunting electronic artist Ghostpoet will be headlining with epic synth-master Patten in support, alongside Lapalux aka Stuart Howard's trippy 8-bit and minimal glitchy sounds from Klaus for a night of forward-thinking electronic music.

WHAT'S… special about you, then? 

Hmm not much actually just doing my own little thing really! Maybe a little different from the norm but hey that's what makes a happy ghost.

...your worst vice? 

Currently Sega Football Manager on my phone, driving the Mrs crazy. 

…the story behind your name?

Use to act like a ghost when I was younger, couldn't stay in one place too long, liked to stay hidden in the background... the poet part happened because It popped out of a fortune cookie one evening... weird... so I went with it... just seemed to fit like Lego really.

... your favourite sound?

Currently the River Thames late at night...

...your worst fashion secret?

If I told you bang goes that secret innit?!

...your favourite website?, me and the Mrs made it... it's our little baby... no teething problems yet.

... good for breakfast?

Porridge with honey plus banana slices cooked on a stove, I've been slacking of late... got to get back to that...

...are you listening to now?

A guy called Patten has grabbed my attention of late

How would you describe your work?
I guess a reflection of my life and the world I see around me through a pair of tinted glasses.

Streets Of Beige DJs at The Macbeth. Friday 7th January 8pm-2am. Free before 10, £5 after. £3 guestlist