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This Glasgow-based beat talent combines monstrous DIY grime with shiny gold-plated bangers

An unapologetic beast of a release from Numbers celebrates an immense year of back-to-back 12 inch smashes including Roska & Untold, Jessie Ware & SBTRKT, Deadboy and Redhino. Simply, a diverse display of what represents quality underground club music in 2010 and Numbers have kept that consistence invigorating. For a rapid fire 101, check out the ‘best of’ Numbers One digital compilation out now via Bleep. Back to Taz, and the Scottish youngster’s latest record “Gold Tooth Grin” is no exception to the Numbers sonic quota. From crunching, mechanical grime to anthemic, trapstar, cosmic rap, Taz has been bubbling hard in the cut. Check out the Dazed Digital giveaway track 'See You' for proof. 

WHAT’S… special about you, then?

I can kill a grown man with one (glass of) punch.

…the last film you saw?

I only watch Big Trouble In Little China on repeat 24/7.

...the best piece of advice you've heard?

Don't eat yellow snow.

...better, dusk or dawn?

Dusk, definitely. Dawn is the time of looming consequence.

…your favourite legendary late night Glasgow food spot?

Loon Fung on Sauchiehall Street. Open late-ish and I’ve not had food poisoning from there yet. Happy days!

...your favourite Glasgow club spot?

Numbers/Sub Club.

...the world coming to?

Anything but its senses.

...the name of your hero?

Spiderman. special about your hero?

He can climb walls ‘n shit.

...your worst fashion secret?

I'm a mess.

...this future going to bring?

Taxes and finally, death.

...your favourite website? the top of your shit list?

Tabloid journalism.

How would you describe your work?

It's bigger than a car but smaller than a bus.

What is it that makes you love Glasgow?

Despite the rain, cold, grey clouds and the casual violence, it's one of the most welcoming and fun places I've ever known.