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The Concretes Wish You Were Here

The Swedish pop mavericks have a rant about mushy peas, Welsh rarebit and the British dress sense

With less guitar, more keyboards and more bass, a brand-new groovy The Concretes is finally back with a new album, WYWH (“Wish You Were Here”) and new single “All Day” produced by their good friend Daniel Johansson and mixed by a guy called Philip Granqvist known amongst all the best Swedish bands and artists. Three years and hectic times past, now the Swedish collective show themselves with their clearest and most danceable side. We hook up with Per Nyström and vocalist Lisa Milberg took the chance to tell us about it. 

Dazed Digital: How are The Concretes today?
Per Nyström
: Older, wiser and better than ever!
Lisa Milberg: Still crazy after all these years.

DD: Would it be possible to say this is a dance-orientated album?
Per Nyström: In a way I think you could say that the album is dance orientated. But at the same time the album is also very based on melodies and lyrics.

DD: Which aspects of your music have been improved in this album?
Per Nyström: Well, I think we focus more on rhythms on this album. I also think the album is cleaner in a way, we don't add instruments just for the sake of it. Not all of play on all of the songs, simply because it is not always necessary.
Lisa: I think we learn lots with each album. Sometimes I don't like that, as stupid records tend to be very good. But this one is clever in a way I am really proud of. It's wise, rather than clever maybe.

DD: Lisa, how is life in London?
Lisa Milberg:
Up and down thanks. I am a big fan of many aspects of London: the excellent morning papers, the walks, all the shows and exhibitions, the architecture, the humour, The Trip on BBC Two, anything David Attenborough narrates, Liberty's, good sushi, medium cheddar, mushy peas, the garden birds, Pimm's cocktail, Welsh rarebit, the dogs, the grocery stores, the beautiful skies, the many cultures, the "love" and "darling", etc. But there are other things that are doing my head in: the drugs, the general dress sense -obviously some of the best dressed people are British but lets just say it's not spread everywhere- the distances and how people aren't prepared to go them. So, up and down.

DD: How is the perception of Sweden for the British people?
Lisa Milberg: I think people are generally very impressed with Sweden but having said that they constantly mix us up with Switzerland and/or Norway. Brits love ABBA more than we do though. 

DD: You were touring the US a few years ago and soon you will be back?
Per Nyström: Well, we have toured there two times. The first time in 2004 was great, the other time, two years later, was...not so great. Our instrument got stolen in New York and we had some problems within the band at the moment. But right now we are more eager than ever to come back. Can't wait!