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Feel My Bicep

The bloggers by day and producer/DJs by night release their first EP on New York's Throne of Blood Records

Having just released their latest EP on New York label Throne of Blood, the UK-based duo Andy and Matt made their name as the founders of, connoisseurs of all things house and disco - booking the likes of Wolf Music at their own parties from London to Brighton. The youngest members to join the Throne of Blood family (and the first from the UK) they bring 'deep and warm' sounds to the label, revealing heavy references to their influences from Chicago and Detroit. The release TOB010 Bicep EP1 will be the first of two records they'll be making for Throne of Blood in the coming weeks. The record features two originals and a dancefloor edit by Retro/Grade aka disco duo Serge Santiago and Tom Neville.


...special about you, then?

We can both bench seven midgets duct-taped to a plank of wood

...your worst vice?

Raw tuna

 …the story behind your name?

 We hated when people took themselves too seriously, especially music nerds… and also felt there was a distinct lack of good consistent music sites out there (despite there being millions). We decided to come up with something that was pretty tongue in cheek and fitting our vibe… most people still don't get it.

... your favourite sound?

The sound of Harold Bishop’s neck being slapped repeatedly

...your worst fashion secret?

Is there such a thing as a fashion secret? Maybe cutting nipple ‘breathers’ out from our vests.

...your favourite website?


... good for breakfast?

Blood... or black pudding even. the top of your shit list?

Hyatt Hotel Shanghai, toilets are like something from Tron. Top shit.

...are you listening to now?

Harmony Funk, Mask 500, Marcellus Pittman, Storm McQueen…. errr….. ohh and Gary Glitter.

How would you describe your work?

Ruff'n'ready sample heavy grooves, packed full of Roland drum machines and Juno synth heat.


Feel My Bicep's Darwin EP on Throne of Blood is out on 12" and digitally now