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We chat to the enthusiastic folky twin sister duo after their stint supporting Kimya Dawson and release of their debut album, 'Here, Not There'

Named after their love of Heathers, the eponymous hit 80s film with Winona Ryder, 20-year-old twin sisters Ellie and Louise Macnamara make up the band behind the quirky acoustic sounds. Heathers' debut album 'Here, Not There' follows their single “Slices Of Palama” released on January next year, a reference to their close friends from childhood, the Fitzgeralds, (also female twins, creepy) who they used to call “Palama” and “Slices”. After touring America with folk duo Ghost Mice and supporting the likes of Kimya Dawson of 'The Moldy Peaches', they hit CMJ Festival and Canadian Music Week in Toronto, before representing Ireland at 2011’s Eurosonic festival in The Netherlands.

WHAT'S… special about you, then?

Hmm, i’d like to say we’re a little different.  People say that when they see two girls and a guitar they expect quiet voices and guitar picking but I think we’re quite the opposite. Loud vocals and punchy harmonies. We’re also twins, and that’s special. Hah.

...your worst vice?

Cheese puffs, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, and a can of Pepsi...

…the story behind your name? Fans of the film?

Yes! We saw the film Heathers and loved it. It’s just amazing. So we decided to call our band Heathers. We’ve had some pretty funny comments about it. When we played in America, numerous times, people asked us if our names were both Heather. I personally, would love to find a set of twins with the same name. We actually found out recently that one of the characters is called Heather McNamara which is pretty hilarious because our surname is Macnamara. It’s meant to be.

... your favourite sound?

Right now...the sound of the snow outside, which you can’t actually hear, but it looks awesome...AND...Janelle Monae.

...your worst fashion secret?

Hmm...our parents dressed us exactly the same until we were about 10. And most days when we’re out we end up wearing the same clothes without realising it.

Other than that, Louise has American Apparel hoodies in every colour. It’s not really bad though. In fact, it’s really just great.

...your favourite website? we’re both obsessed with cats.

... good for breakfast?

Pancakes, bagels with peanut butter or cheese toasties. the top of your shit list?

Waking up super early.

When it starts to rain the minute you walk out the door.

College exams.

...are you listening to now?

Janelle Monae. We saw her play last night and she’s just incredible. Who else? Rick Springfield, The National, Crystal Castles, Talking Heads, Sufjan Stevens.

How would you describe your work?

Exciting, fresh, enthusiastic. Will that do?

Heathers' new single 'Slices Of Palama' is out on January 24th 2011.