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'Fantasy-techno' producers from Brooklyn via Chicago grace Merok Records with their creepy beats

Landing on London's Merok Records with their monster EP 'Giza' mostly consisting of glitchy horror synth sounds, electronic "slasher-disco" duo Gatekeeper hailing from Brooklyn made their name with tracks like 'Mirage', 'Chains', and 'Serpent' with a remix from D'eon on Hippos in Tanks. Besides playing live with the likes of Salem, they reworked White Car's 'No Better' to twisted, haunting effects sounding like an evil Knight Rider theme.


 ... special about you, then?

Um... Aaron David was a teenage street magician, Matthew was a juvenile delinquent chess-champion.

 ... your worst vice?

Δ9-THC + Google video

 … the story behind your name?

We like the dramatic, meta-physical fantasy imagery that the name invokes. Gatekeepers are trans-dimensional guardians, encrypted mediators, expressions of mythological power, that kinda stuff.

 ... your favourite sound?

We both really love the "thunder verb" preset in Logic's Space Designer

... your worst fashion secret?

Definitely sweatpants

... your favourite website?

Skulltheft.tumblr (RIP?)

... good for breakfast?

Energy bars and iced coffee

... at the top of your shit list?

Lately we've been blowing the power out at almost every show. It's really annoying. But sometimes it's kinda cool though, like if it happens on a dramatic downbeat.

... are you listening to now?

LFOWarn-UNeverending Story

... how would you describe your work?

Multi-dimensional field recordings