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Frieze Art Fair Gig: Telepathe

The art expo expands into music through a concert featuring Hercules and Love Affair, Hype Williams and Telepathe

It’s hard to believe that the first Frieze Art Fair was held in 2003. To put it bluntly, it has become an institution; to enter into a wider context, in a time when culture and arts budgets are about to be slashed, it has become a safe house from austerity. Now probably more famous for being a tourist attraction, the fair is, first and foremost, a commercial venture where artists use the platform provided to sell their works and make a living. The event will take place in London’s Regent’s Park, which will house a bespoke temporary structure where some of the world’s most influential galleries will have a presence. Over 170 will be there in total.

The fair will also contain an off-site musical element, represented on two very different nights. One will be a candle-lit concert at Shoreditch Church, with Baby Dee playing the Harp and Grand Piano, backed by the Elysian Quartet; whilst the other night, set at Debut, under London Bridge, will host Hercules and Love Affair with support from Brooklyn duo, Telepathe. The latter released their debut album, 'Dance Mother', to critical acclaim back in 2009 - with heavy Dave Sitek produced vibes running right the way through the record. They’re in the UK for this one off show before they head back into the studio to do it all again. We caught up with one half of the duo, Melissa Livaudais (other member Busy Ganges) to get her opinion on Frieze, the last album and the future.

Dazed Digital: How have you found the reception to the album?
Melissa Livaudais: Overall, we were pretty excited about it. Fact magazine gave us No. 2 record of the year, which is a big deal to us. It’s probably the musical source we love and respect the most.

DD: Are you looking forward to playing the Frieze Art Fair with Hercules and Love Affair?
Melissa Livaudais: We are dying to play Frieze Art Fair with Hercules and Love Affair!  We can't wait to hear the new material live. 

DD: Are you aware of Frieze?
Melissa Livaudais: We plan to spend a couple of days at Frieze - maybe the 14th and the 16th? All 170 galleries…

DD: Dance Mother had classic traits of a Sitek produced album. Will you be going for something new with your second?
Melissa Livaudais:I think one of the main differences on our new record (which we will be recording in January) is that, compared to the last is that it feels way more cohesive. 

DD: What are you listening to at the moment? Has anything permeated onto the new album?
Melissa Livaudais: We are always listening to music:  I probably download about two or three albums a day. A couple of records that I’ve been going back to recently are: Chrome's Red Exposure and Risqué III’s Essence of a Dream. I don't think you will hear this stuff in our music though.  We are not huge recyclers when it comes to making music.  Sure we borrow ideas, but for us it’s about subtlety and inventiveness.

DD: In an interview from last year I read that you said, “If a song makes sense, we want to use it, whether or not it suits the album”. Are you still conforming to this philosophy? Does this not risk cohesion?
Melissa Livaudais:I can't believe we said that!!! ha! Our new album is all about cohesiveness.

DD: Apart from this one off night in London will you be appearing in the UK again this year? If not, when?
Melissa Livaudais: Possibly to do some recording, however, as far as live performances go, I don’t think there will be anything until 2011...

DD: What’s next for you guys?
Melissa Livaudais: We have one track minds...just staying focused on our record, and we have exciting plans for a video that involves male dancers on a Brooklyn rooftop. Busy (Ganges) is doing the choreography and Emily hope and I are co-directing it. 


Frieze Music 2010 is curated by Sarah McCrory and Sam Thorne (frieze magazine). Frieze Music is the off-site music programme of Frieze Art Fair.  Frieze Music is programmed by Frieze Foundation and was originally created by Dan Fox and Steve Mackey. Tickets for each performance are £15.00 (plus booking fee) / £17.00 on the door.

Friday 15 October
Doors open: 8pm
Hype Williams: 8.45-9.15pm
Telepathe: 9.30-10.15pm
Hercules + Love Affair: 10.30-midnight
FACT DJs: intervals and midnight-1am

Saturday 16 October
Doors open: 8pm
James Blackshaw: 8.30-9.15pm
30-minute interval
Baby Dee + the Elysian Quartet: 9.45-11pm