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Mothership's Catz'N'Dogz

The eclectic Polish duo churn out their new album on Claude VonStroke's Mothership label

Combining bumping tech with bizarre animal sounds one step beyond an airhorn, the two Polish producer/DJs Catz ‘n Dogz on San Francisco-based label, Mothership (Claude VonStroke's sister label from Dirtybird) have been some of the most playful (and animal) producers around. A bit of a mouthful, Grzegorz and Wojchiech (maybe stick with 'Greg and Voitek') are back with their second album on Mothership. Aptly entitled 'Escape from Zoo', they blend bass, dubstep, disco, R&B, deep house, hip-hop and terrifying sounds as a jungle of genres collaborating with dOP, Claude VonStroke and Jazzanova’s vocalist Paul Randolph. Formerly known as the techno-centric 3 Channels, their project as Catz 'n Dogz is more of a category-free mixture of modern music, appearing on labels like Crosstown Rebels, Pokerflat, Dirtybird, as well as their own Channels Records. Their new label PETS and club night Pets Gone Wild were started in aiming to promote Polish artists in their scene. 

...special about you, then?
Our special thing is that we are from Poland. In our country there is not that many producers so people sometimes are inviting us because of curiosity and because they never had anybody from Poland on their party before... Right now we have two residencies in Poland in two different cities, it's a lot of work doing a record label, supporting the Polish scene etc but it's good that there's two of us. We are always trying to support Polish scene but sometimes it's tough.

...good about being a duo?
We actually don't know, it sucks why we are even doing it? (Sorry, joke.) We were talking about it few weeks ego and being a duo have only pluses, especially the way we are working. Everybody knows exactly what to do. Of course at the beginning it was really hard sometimes because we were arguing always about some stuff, after some time we noticed that without compromise you seriously can't work.

...your worst vice?
Cigarettes. It's really stupid 'cause smoking cigarettes doesn't make any sense at all. It's just the whole thing of spinning records in the cloud of smoke, and we don't even smoke during the week, how stupid is that?!

…the story behind your name?
Voitek has got a dog and, Gregory a cat. That's a long story short. Some of our friends say that we behave like cat and dog. This name let us be more creative. We have new label called Pets Recordings, we have a podcast series called Petcast and we like it more than 3 Channels. Also before the first EP was released it was three of us working on it. Anyway we will have a surprise soon for all 3 Channels fans.

 ...your favourite sound?
If we would have to live with one sound till the end of the world propably it would be the sound of the sea.

...good for breakfast?
Gregory: When there's time: tea, eggs, cheese. When theres no time: dust.

Voitek: It depends from my mood. When I'm not in the mood for nothing: my mothers plum jam. When I know I have to work a lot: scramble eggs with bacon and toasts and than at the end toast with Nutella and coffee. When I'm hungover: everything what includes ketchup and genetically modified meat. 

...your worst fashion secret?
Jeans shirt, jeans jacket and jeans underwear and moustache. 

...your favourite website?

It's the best internet site ever when you are bored in the hotel room or when you are alone on sunday with a huge hangover. It's intelligent entertainment. the top of your shit list?
The top is already overloaded. We try to not complain so much 'cause complaining is boring. It's really easy to complain.

...are you listening to now?
During the making of this interview - DJ Q. We are listening a lot of different music. We grew up in the neighbourhood where everybody was listening to hip hop. Right now we are listening a lot of deep house, dubstep and sometimes disco, there is so much good music right now that its really hard to follow all this. Last album that we were listening to a lot: Little Dragons, Mount Kimbie, old Common albums, Space Dimension Controller, Toro Y Moi, Virgo… the list is endless.

How would you describe your work?
Bolek & Lolek making dance music.

'Escape From The Zoo' is out on Mothership on November the 3rd.