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Shigeto on Ghostly

Part of the new wave of Ghostly International signings, American-raised Saginaw presents his soaring electronica

Focusing on intricate details and carefully crafting the textures in his songs, Michigan-influenced, New York-based Zach Saginaw developed his sound under the guise of 'Shigeto' when he moved to Brooklyn. Brought up on old Motown and jazz records from his father, he used his middle name as his alias to remix the likes of Worst Friends, Praveen & Benoit, Tycho, Mux Mool, and Shlohmo. After first gracing the iconic Ghostly International label with his Semi-Circle EP, he will soon be releasing his aptly named full-length Full Circle

… your best talent?  

Wow. Hard one. I would have to say my ear maybe. I can often hear what I want before I'm able to construct it. It helps me set a bar line for myself and makes any given sound easier to get to. That and the drums. I've been banging on 'dem things since I was three.

... your worst vice? 

I have many. Too many probably. Cigarettes are by far the worst.

... your favourite sound?

Fender Rhodes

… your biggest inspiration? 

The people making music before me and around me.

...your worst fashion secret? 

I own way too many shoes

...your favourite website? 

At the moment soundcloud. I've met a lot of really talented producers through this site and have started some new project because of this. It's like MySpace without the bullshit.

... good for breakfast? 

Fry up all the way. the top of your shit list? 

People who leave half  their food left over when they eat out. At least take it home and give it to your dog or something. Jeez.

...are you listening to now? 

I'm loving the new Yuk and Juj releases on WeDidit! also the latest Mount Kimbie record on Hotflush.

How would you describe your work? 

Never ending...