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Shlohmo (San Francisco, US)

Experimental lo-fi bliss from the head of a 20-year-old Cali skateboarder

This Shlohmo doesn’t come from High Wycombe with a rampant backing of a beatbox orchestra. This Shlohmo is Henry Laufer, an LA-born, SF-based 20-year-old skateboarder and lo-fi bedroom producer knocking out 8-bit instrumental bliss. All shaky drums, vibesy synths and makeshift found sounds enveloped by bass. Founding the Wedidit collective at high school with fellow Los Angelinos Juj, Elan and Ground Is Lava, Laufer has just released Shlomoshun Deluxe on the awesome Friends of Friends label, with a staggeringly on point collection of remixes from trilly beat heads Fulgeance, Tokimonsta, Low Limit and Devonwho. Respect. Futures, brah.

WHAT'S… special about you, then?
I honestly have no idea.

...your worst vice?
My computer. I can't stay off it for more than a few hours. I spilled a full glass of Coke on the keyboard over the summer and it's totally fucked up, but I can't even let it go for a week to get repaired. It's been six months and I still have to type on it like it's a god damn typewriter.

...the best piece of advice you've heard?
Once you start doing it for anybody but yourself, you fucked up.

...better, dusk or dawn?
Dawn. But not waking up then. Fuck that. It's all about staying awake until you see the light coming through your window. That's what the track 7AM is about. The whole album was pretty much made like that actually. Late night (early morning?) lurking music.

…your favourite venue in LA?
Low End Theory. Favorite venue in the world.

...your favourite piece of clothing?
I got this terrible denim hat from the 90s with an embroidered alien head on the front.

...the world coming to?
Probably terrible shit. But hopefully we can pull it together.

...the name of your hero?
My skateboard. special about your hero?
He taught me a lot of things. Hopefully we can spend more time together this year.

...your worst fashion secret?
No secrets.

...this future going to bring?
Hopefully a lot of success for everyone who deserves it, and a lot of shit eating for people who've fucked over the planet.

...your favourite website?! Shameless. the top of your shit list?
Arrogance, fake people, tapestries, techno, people who want to harm me with weapons.

How would you describe your work?
A lot of it is just me communicating my current state through music. The music changes depending on how I'm looking at it when I'm making it. Sometimes it comes out very ambient, not even beat driven. While other times it's really grimy and bangs like shit.