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Photos by Yumna

Exclusive Brenmar Mini-Mix

The Brooklyn-based producer mixes up six of his own tracks and remixes in a whirlwind 15 minutes

After the success of his recent EP, electronic producer Brenmar has shaped his energetic sound over clever uses of samples from r'n'b goddesses like Aaliyah and Cassie to bands like Blondes. Chicago-born and Brooklyn-based, he's been spoilt for musical influences in his life such as old school house sounds which you can hear in each of his tracks. Alongside his 'At It Again' debut EP out early November on Discobelle Records (offspring of the eponymous Swedish super-blog), he also has a truckload of songs on the way plus two remixes by upcoming acts Hyperdub's Ikonika & Optimum and DJ Rashad in the works. With solo EP's set for release next year on Sinden's Grizzly imprint and Ikonika's Hum & Buzz label, he's been pretty busy whilst working on collaborative EPs with LA-based duo Nguzunguzu and lairy house producer Dubbel Dutch. We throw some questions at him besides his mix of six new tracks for Dazed, downloadable here

Q & A


...special about you, then?

 Electro this is not.

 ...your worst vice?

I’m in denial

 …the story behind your name?

My little brother was born with a hole in his lungs and it affected how he spoke. When he was two years old he gave everyone in the family their own particular name, he gave me Brenmar, where he got it from I have no idea. I stuck with it.

 ...the world coming to?

Our iPhones

...your worst fashion secret?

Chains 2 heavy 4 my own good

...your favourite website?


...good for breakfast?

Granola 24/7 the top of your shit list?

Guitar CenterMoving apartmentsThe G line in Brooklyn 

...are you listening to now?  

Dubbel Dutch, Venus X, Samo Sound Boy, Yo Gottie, DJ Earl, Breach, Girl Unit, Physical Therapy, Cedaa, The-Dream, Ikonika, Munchi, LOL Boys, Lex Luger, Nguzunguzu, AarabMuzik, Jam City, Ciara, DJ Rashad, Fabolous


1. Brenmar - Taking It Down

2. The Phantom - Girl (Brenmar remix)

3. Brenmar - Back Beating

4. Brenmar & Dubbel Dutch - Can't Get U

5. Brenmar - Paper Running

6. Brenmar - At It Again