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Welcome to Discobelle Records

The long-standing music blog finally launch their eponymous record label...

One of the first music blogs in the game, the Swedish Discobelle has maintained its reputation as one of the go-to sites for daily music choices from the likes of Martin Andersson, Niklas Mijdema, Kristian Anshelm and Björn Jeffery. Having established themselves within the music world, they founded their own exclusive network for bloggers and music industry types, Grindin, and it was only time that they decided to launch their own record label, Discobelle Records.

Dazed Digital: Why did you decide to start a label?
Martin Andersson & Niklas Mijdema: Well, it's actually the brainchild of Niklas Mijdema (one of the original founders of Discobelle) and something that we started discussing doing as a natural progression of the blog. Through the blog we've gotten to know a lot of producers and DJs so it just felt like the right thing to do.

DD: What did you think was missing out there and what gap does Discobelle Recs fill?
Martin Andersson & Niklas Mijdema: We wouldn't say that anything was missing, we just want to push the music done by all these great artists all over the globe. We also know that there's a lot of exciting stuff from Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia which is of course is something that we want to be able to represent.

DD: Tell me about your first few releases?
Martin Andersson & Niklas Mijdema: So far we have released two EPs, first one was released in January and it's the "French Jeans EP" from newly formed Finnish techno trio MVSEVM and then we have the most recent release which just came out last month from electro/dancehall duo Jamtech Foundation from Stockholm who have now updated their sound. Big remixes on both releases which have so far garnered alot of attention.

DD: Is there a particular 'Discobelle sound'?
Martin Andersson & Niklas Mijdema: The Discobelle sound would be anything that makes you move. Seriously though, we're into to whole UK funky, bass, tech house scene so I guess that's the sound that we're going for.

DD: How do you pick your artists?
Martin Andersson & Niklas Mijdema: Well, MVSEVM was actually a tip from our friend Ville in Renaissance Man and Jamtech Foundation are friends of ours through the blog. Other than that, there's alot of time listening to tracks/mixes that artists send to us and also friends that point us in certain directions.

DD: Are you producers yourselves/if so, will you be releasing on Discobelle?
Martin Andersson & Niklas Mijdema: No, sadly we don't really produce anything at the moment.

DD: What's next?
Martin Andersson & Niklas Mijdema: In May we'll have a two part release from another Finnish outfit, namely Femme En Fourrure which, if we might say so, will be a bomb. It's called "Dirty Blonde", the first part will drop May 6th featuring remixes from Drop The Lime, Malente & Dex and MadKids. The second part will be released towards the end of May with an additional original track and remixes from Lazaro Casanova, French Fries, Raziek and Marcus Price. The release will accompanied by a video which should be done in June.

Then later on we have a compilation that we're doing with Neoteric who works for Dubsided, a joint release with Swedish label Adrian Recordings where we'll release the new EP from Swedish techno duo Boeoes Kaelstigen. Later in the summer we'll have a release from the germans in So Shifty. We're discussing future releases with a couple of exciting artists such as Brenmar and LOL Boys.