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Kompakt's Superpitcher Returns

The genre-defying Aksel Schaufler returns with a new album Kilimanjaro

After gracing Kompakt's Total 2 compilation album, Superpitcher aka Aksel Schaufler went on to make his mark by remixing the likes of Charlotte Gainsbourg, Dntel, and Lullabies in the Dark. Having made music for almost ten years now, Schaufler released his first album Here Comes Love on Kompakt and was also commissioned to mix an album for the German label called Today. Asides from his stint with Michael Mayer collaborating under the pseudonym Supermayer releasing debut album Save The World, he is now back to release his solo Kilimanjaro full-length.

Dazed Digital: You've been making music for a while now, how does your new album differ to the early stuff?

Superpitcher: It's new stuff with the old stuff in mind, I guess. Surely it has got more dramatic, that´s life...  But in the end it's all about the schmusic, isn't it? 

DD: What were the influences that went into the new album Kilimanjaro?

Superpitcher: Mostly everything. But for the record, Mama and Papa.

DD: What have you been up to over the last year?

Superpitcher: Lots of thinking and praying, pretty melancolic if I think about it. Now it´s time to party again.

DD: Do you still feel an integral part of Kompakt or do you feel like a more international name now?

Superpitcher: It´s always been Superpitcher but Kompakt as a family. Don´t think too much about myself but hope that the album gets an international name.

DD: What's next?

Superpitcher: Doodlin' with my poodles!