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Revl9n's Long Preparation For Death

The Stockholm electro trio, back with their Waiting for Desire: 9 Nuances of Skacid EP, fear the eternal embrace of Beethoven.

Revl9n isn’t a name that slips off the tongue. Is it Revlon 9? Revl-eye-n? “We used to be Revlon 9, but changed it to Revl9n,” says lead singer Maria Eilersen. Because of the nail polish? “Kind of. We let people try and figure out the new pronunciation.”) Either way, the avant-garde pop/eclectic minimalism/trash maximalism trio have managed to keep their ambiguously pronounced name on the lips of those in the know, and are following up their 2006 "next big thing" peg, earned on the back of their debut hit "Walking Machine", with an album full of multiple remixes of the same song. Not the most conventional way to create an album, but Revl9n are not a conventional band. “We’re more famous for our remixes by the likes of Sebastian and SMD than original work, so we decided to compile 9 remixes of a song. We did it in a skacid way. My favourite one is 'Sci-fi Skane and Inglagranti',” muses the model-sized  Eilersen.

The raucous, almost feral drum'n'bass electronica is certainly a stand-out point on the album Nuances of Skacid, and makes Waiting For Desire the perfect antidote to the bubblegum slut pop infecting the clubs lately, but what makes it a personal favourite? “I don’t know, I just like it in a personal way. But as long as people hear any of the new stuff I don’t care what’s successful. Any of the new songs are fine by me.”

Like most underground bands, independently formed and slavishly maintained, music is a way of life for Revl9n. “I wish I wrote 'Venus in Furs',” lead singer Eilersen mumbles between the anecdotes that litter her press-baiting for Revl9n’s upcoming EP release. Then she bursts into laughter, “God, if I could banish any one song it would be 'Don't Worry be Happy', I can't stand that song. It has the opposite effect on me. It depresses me.”

She livens up the interview with tabs and practice sessions of her newly written song Red Notes that will feature on a forthcoming album, sure to be a 2009 hot topic, and addds, “I wonder what I would listen to if I could only listen to one song for the rest of my life. If I didn't have much time left I could listen to some of my favourite songs, like something from Clinic, but it would sure get very boring after a day or so. Maybe a long symphony would be better, perhaps Beethoven’s Ninth, but it's a bit depressing - it's like a long preparation for death. Oh, I don't know, something I've never heard that is outstandingly good and long and that changes in moods and never gets boring. If there is such a song I'll pick that.” One of your own from your new album? “God no I hear that stuff enough!”

Previously on limited release from Rough Trade, the Waiting for Desire: 9 Nuances of Skacid EP is available again in August.