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A Whole Lot of Klasse Mix

Berlin-based Luca Lozano launches his new label blending never-heard-before house sounds and jaunty party beats

Berliner upstart Luca Lozano (who rumours have it is a member of Get Rude! and Made To Play champs Zombie Disco Squad) and Daniel Zedelmair have started a new label under the name Klasse Records. The ethos is simple – releasing killer party cuts from artists they respect with a load of freebie re-rubs to be found on Klasse Quick Fix. With their first EP ‘Bartok’ by owner Luca Lozano and Sacha Robotti just out, they’ve been inspired to give Dazed Digital an exclusive mix.
Dazed Digital: Why did you start Klasse?
Luca Lozano: Klasse was started as a reaction to the increasing amounts of disposable music appearing everywhere, the idea is that it plays home to a small group of artists and provides and shelter for them to release material on.

DD: What can we expect from the label?
Luca Lozano: Collaboration is highly encouraged as is the sharing of ideas. With Klasse, it is my intention to take the focus back to the music and draw the attention away from the flashing Myspace gifs and friend requests. Our primary plans are to create some back-to-basic club tracks, things that draw on the past but still look forward. We have a limited release schedule and plan to also curate a string of free downloads - The Klasse Quick Fix, which is our way of having fun with cheeky edits and bootleg material we may or may not be releasing.

DD: What will it all entail?
Luca Lozano: We launched the label in Berlin and will continue to hold label parties, the next one incorporates the idea of a Bicycle Film Festival as well as a tasty BBQ. Klasse is not rushed, none of us have to do this, it more a 'labour of love' and we will see where it takes us, next up on the label is a release by new house master Mr. Ho, with releases from label members as well good friends Pol On.

DD: Tell us a bit about your mix for us.
Luca Lozano: I have been traveling a lot recently and I wanted to put together a mix that could serve as a good accompaniment to a day of being on the move. Traveling is sometimes a bittersweet experience, on one side it provides you with space to be quiet with your thoughts, dreams and goals but at the same time its kinda like a short hiatus period where accomplishing anything complete and definite is too difficult to do. I wanted to make a mix that stretched out over an hour, allowing the tracks to breathe in their own right... the songs included are both new and old and are a good reflection of the kind of mood I get in when traveling.

Nicolas Jaar - Angles
Pantha Du Prince - Stick to my Side (Lawrence Version)
Moodymanc - Gretsch
Dee Pulse - Black Martin
Nina Kraviz - I'm Gonna Get You
Luca Lozano & Sacha Robotti - Bartok (Siopis Remix)
The Mountain People - Mountain People 006
Luca Lozano - Flashing Lights (Acapella)
Patrick Chardonnet - Boggler
Timmy Vegas & Leighton Ashcroft - In From the Cold (Stimming Mix)
Marc Romboy & Rodriguez Jr - Lac De Nivelles
Bassfort - Dixtrit

Luca Lozano & Sacha Robotti ‘Bartok’ is out now on Klasse Records. Check Klasse (and pick up one of their dope Tees) on their Myspace.