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Kitsuné x Ponystep

The online fashion magazine with club night roots team up with legendary French record label for a compliation full of summer music to enjoy...

When two of the coolest European multitaskers, legendary party and online magazine Ponystep and fashion and music label Kitsuné get together with superstar DJ Jerry Bouthier to compile a summer mix CD, it's going to be a surefire hit. Mixing and remixing tracks from the hottest names around, including Roisin Murphy, French Horn Rebellion, Booka Shade, Aeroplane, Lindstrom, and Munk, the compilation promises to be the soundtrack of the summer. Dazed Digital talked to Ponystep's Richard Mortimer and Gildas Loaec, half of the Kitsuné creative duo.

DD: What was the role of Jerry Bouthier in the making of the compilation?
Richard Mortimer: Well, without Jerry, we would have no CD! Jerry is a perfectionist - constantly scouring blogs for new, unreleased tracks and remixes. It's what gives his DJ sets their unique sound. He has a great instinct as to what will work in a party. So, he chose a lot of the music, edited loads of the tracks, even wrote and produced one of them with his production partner Andrea Gorgerino, and mixed everything!
Gildas Loaec: Jerry is the man in the middle, the most passionated music connoisseur ever... he is collecting all genres of music and is a great DJ.

DD: Is there an artist that you are very proud to have been able to feature on the compilation? which one and why?
Richard Mortimer: I'm quite proud of working with Florrie. She is a new artist, the new face of Nina Ricci. She is incredibly talented and is also a session drummer. I'm really happy to have her appear on the CD! Oh, and I love Roisin Murphy and the MAY68 track is insane!
Gildas Loaec: All of them i love all of them but maybe more Two Door Cinema Club because they are so young, so good, so fresh!

DD: How would you describe the mix of musical styles featured on the compilation?
Richard Mortimer: It's a party CD, it makes you happy!
Gildas Loaec: Elegant and dancey, good fun...

DD: Do you consider that this record starts building bridges in between London's and Paris' nightlife?
Richard Mortimer: I think there has been a strong connection for a while, especially through my relationship with Kitsune. It's a mutal respect of what we both do. I just think the CD will make it more apparent.
Gildas Loaec: Yes definitely, for sure - kids are travelling to follow the Ponystep events! Or the Kitsuné Maison events!

DD: Is there an artist you wanted to get and couldn't?
Richard Mortimer: We always get what we want! Haha, no, joking aside, we managed to get everyone we wanted.
Gildas Loaec: Who can say no to a Kitsuné X Ponystep compilation anyway?

DD: Will this record start a series of compilations, any plans for the next one already?
Richard Mortimer: Hmm... Gildas? Jerry? Tell me!
Gildas Loaec: It is the summer issue, it depends also on Jerry but why not do the winter issue...

DD: Now more about your personal musical tastes, which is the one song or band that will always make you dance?
Richard Mortimer: I'm a true ambassador of pop music. I love it. Of course, I love club music too, but to work to - anything sort of left field pop works for me.
Gildas Loaec: To say a name, Daft Punk.

DD: What is your best memory of nightlife / party?
Gildas Loaec: For sure lots of champagne so I don't remember..

DD: Your worst?
Richard Mortimer: Drum & bass?
Gildas Loaec: Like every Parisian, crossing Paris when walking back home 'cause there are no cabs in Paris on the weekend! 

DD: Ponystep is one of the landmark of london's nightlife, Kitsune is the young french label mixing music and fashion, will we see a Kitsune x Ponystep fashion line?
Richard Mortimer: No. Leave that to the professionals! Can you imagine being an editor of a magazine and then trying to design a label? It's something I feel strongly about and feel that it should be left to the people that have invested years of their lives learning a craft.

DD: To conclude what are your plans for the summer?
Richard Mortimer: To enjoy the sun.
Gildas Loaec: I'm DJing at Summersonic and we are doing a Kitsuné Maison event in Korea so I'm staying a bit in Asia in August... Ah! also we are also in July in Montreux for the festival of Jazz and at Lovebox in London too.