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Addison Groove (Bristol, UK)

Swamp's new signing has a chat with Dazed about his gambling problem.

Set to play 'So Not Barcelona' at London's Big Chill as a backlash against those off to Sonar next week, the Bristol-based producer Addison Groove also known as Headhunter, has made a name for himself with his catchy as hell 'Footcrab' track sweeping the nation's club soundsystems. The incessant vocals and 808 cowbells at godknowswhat BPM layering the track have made it somewhat of an anthem, fusing Untold and Ramadanman-esque percussive dubstep, grime and house sounds. Meanwhile, B-Side 'Dumbshit' has an equally simplistic and base appeal where repetitive vocal samples and pounding bass fits it in amongst the rise of juke house. Dazed Digital speak to Mr Groove about the influence of Dr Zoidberg, 808s and anal... 

WHAT'S… special about you, then?
Ask the girl I slept with last night.

...your worst vice?
Horse racing. After I've heard 808's and repeating vocals all week nothing else is better than going to a race track and winning a bunch of money. money won is much better than money earnt. I try not to reflect on the money-lost times. It's also a good place to take a girl, especially the city ones who have no idea where the country is... 'tis a fine day out.

...your favourite website?
I'm not really a internet type, the most commonly visited website in my list is Racing Post and Betfair.

...good for breakfast?
Takes me three hours to get hungry in the...well from the moment I wake up... so breakfast is coffee and making sure I'm in the right city usually enters my mind immediately after it. But you know what's good... just a good old greasy spoon.

...your worst fashion secret?
I'm not that fashionable really, however I walked around Toronto all day yesterday with a Portuguese umbrella, people were confused to hear my Bristol accent. One person was even talking to me about how 'we' are going to do well in the World Cup. 'Right you are' I said, at least it's not England. On a side note, I do hope England does well but I'm probably gonna put some money down for them to lose... I think I might win that bet. This is called a lay bet. I'm only interested in sport when I know I can bet on it... I do like to ride my BMX though, that's some dope ass shit.

...better, analogue or digital?
I prefer anal. But digal is the most common way. It's cheaper and faster, bit like a hoe.. but I'm trying to build up some outboard and see where that takes me. I have a feeling I'm going to discover a world of new and better dynamics when I do. the top of your shit list?
More anal. Just got an 808, I'm planning to play live with it at some point. I'll figure out how exactly when the time comes.

...are you listening to now?
I'm bang into the juke shit from Chicago at the moment, been talking to a lot of the guys out there and getting the hook ups. It goes two ways when I play it, people love it or just stand there confused. I guess the more fucked someone is the better really. However when a lyric like 'bend that thing all over girl let me see what that booty do' comes in, anyone on K would be super confused. Long live international gigs where people keep a straight head.

What the hell is a footcrab and how does one do it?
In NYC about two weeks ago, people on the floor started taking off their shoes and dancing with them in the air... maybe this is the footcrab... or maybe its more like the dance you see Zoidberg the lobster-like alien from the planet Decapod 10 in Futurama doing. He's definitely got some kinda footcrab dance action going on.

How do you find your samples?
I have collected samples for years, I've got more than enough samples to make ten albums. It's all about how you use them. That's where Ableton is king. Lately though I have been digging through any kinda music that has been recorded from 1020 to 1950. I love the way it's recorded.