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Operation Doomsday

DOOM's fans get into the mood at London's Roundhouse

Last Friday I went to see the Metal Face rap legend DOOM at the Roundhouse for his first ever London show. After keeping the crowd waiting for an hour, an imposter appeared in his trademark metal mask and ran through a sacrilegious performance of "Accordion" to the delight of precisely no-one. Luckily it was just a joke by the hip hop villain who then lurched on stage and ran through a 45 minute set list of classics from Madvillain, King Geedorah and Danger Doom.

Unfortunately the sound was so muddy and muffled that his grizzly bars lost their impact and my attention eventually lapsed. I ended up running around the Roundhouse playing a private game of Where's DOOM? with a natty little mask the Dazed design department crafted earlier in the day. Here's what I found on my camera the following morning...