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Sister Crayon Video Premiere

Drunk letters to CocoRosie and the video premiere for (in) Reverse

Terra Lopez, Danielle Fernandez, Nicholas Suhr and Genaro Ulloa have previously played / been former members of An Angle, Scene Index, Alas Alak Alaska, Evening Episode, Kyoto Beat Orchestra, Make Amends, and Phantom Float before emerging as the brilliant Sister Crayon. Led by Terra Lopez, the band are Sacramento’s art folk darlings with a penchant for hands-in-the-air optimism. Imagine a non-Brooklyn MGMT with Bat For Lashes or Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval fronting. So sultry, breathy vocals over band claps and dulcet piano patters. Amazing. Their alluring debut EP “Enter Into Holy (Or)Ders” is out now and their first album will be out in June on Manimal Vinyl, with the European premiere of the video for “(in) Reverse” right here.

Dazed Digital: I read that you wrote a letter to Bianca CocoRosie, what was in the letter?
Terra Lopez: I was very drunk. It was the night before we were going to see them perform and I wanted to write her a letter. I don't really remember the letter but I do know that I was describing to her the sounds of the city and telling her about my friends and something about colors. I also know that I signed it Sister Crayon for no reason at all and I've been using that name ever since. I gave it to her the next day.

DD: How is the music scene like in Sacremento?
Genaro Ulloa: Sacramento has its waves of productivity. Right now there is a lot of people trying to make big splashes in the national scene. All ages is finally coming back in full effect with new venues opening up. It's pretty amazing to watch it grow and feel like you're a part of it.
Nicholas Suhr: Coming from San Francisco I’ve learned that the music scene is much more accepting of new acts. There’s more of an opportunity to get exposure. Bands and artists are really supportive of one another. It’s more of a community feel here.

DD: Do you have any go to inspirations for lyrics?
Terra Lopez: Literature and Jeff Buckley. Jeff Buckley is probably the biggest inspiration. Every single time I hear the Grace album I get goosebumps. He was fucking incredible. My girlfriend and my friends also inspired some of the songs on this record. I'm a very sensitive person. It's actually quite pathetic. Bump into me and I'll write a song about you.

DD: How was the video shoot?
Terra Lopez: We shot the video in Northern California at a friend's cabin, literally out in the middle of nowhere. It was our first video so we didn't really know what we were doing but director Robert Ascroft and his crew from 3Star Productions were so nice. They are all professionals from Los Angeles and New York and we are just kids from Sacramento, you know? Robert had wanted me to learn the song backwards at a speed of something almost three times as fast and I had about two weeks to learn the song. We took a lot of shots of me singing backwards so that the video could have the in reverse effect.