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Exclusive Flying Lotus Album Track

Let Flying Lotus feed your brain with a track taken from his forthcoming album Cosmogramma

In the next issue of Dazed (out March 18th) we've got a major feature on Warp's newest and most mysterious signing, Gonjasufi and his homie The Gaslamp Killer, who talk about the making of their psychedelic debut album A Sufi & A Killer and their love of yoga, hash cookies and obscure beats. They're awesome. We also went around to Flying Lotus's crib to hear his new album Cosmogramma and to chat about life, death and everything. He got us pretty stoned too. Ooops. Both FlyLo and Gaslamp Killer are in town on Wednesday 10th for a massive Brainfeeder throwdown at Fabric, so as a taster we're giving you a brand new Flying Lotus track to check out as well as some other aural goodies. Also stay tuned for two exclusive behind the scenes films that Tim Noakes shot with the sonic trippers out in California...