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What went down: Dazed Club at Wide Awake festival

The independent festival returned to South London with Caroline Polachek and Shygirl

Last weekend in Brockwell Park, Wide Awake Festival was packed with a tonne of Dazed Club members, who’d won tickets (or bought them half-price) to see artists including Caroline Polachek, Shygirl, Oneohtrix Point Never and Tirzah. On top of that, three Dazed Club members worked with our social team over the day, with Jess Fine and Lara Sunier photographing some festival style, and Sinthia Surace interviewing festivalgoers.

It seems like classic festival style is not dead – “Things that shouldn’t work, but they do,” was the general gist of the outfits according to Surace, with a lot of sheer looks in evidence (can you get sunburned through a see-through dress? Let us know if you found out). Her highlights were Caroline, Shygirl and CouCou Chloe, who made her “literally feel proud to be a woman” as they “were all so cool and effortlessly radiant”, which is probably the best outcome one could hope for. 

Actually, maybe Jess Fine had the best time, as she’d like to give a special shout out to the security guard at Joy Orbison’s set who gave her free chicken and chips. “That was dope,” she says. Kindness is real! Aside from that, Jess adds that “seeing the power that music holds over hyping people up and enabling them to escape from reality for a moment” really makes her “realise the importance of music culture and the positive impact it has on people”. The world is healing! Thanks to music! 

Before the festival, Fiona Quadri designed a bespoke Dazed Club x Wide Awake festival poster that you may have seen on our socials, Rosa MacVicar met and interviewed Nuha Ruby Ra ahead of her otherworldly performance, and we sent ten photographers to the Wide Awake pre-parties at the Shacklewell arms at the start of the year. Busy! Join Dazed Club to access our other festival discounts this summer and get your work out into the world.