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Comanechi: Mesmerising Fingers

Akiko from Comanechi gives us a track by track rundown of their insanely fierce debut and we premiere the video for the single Mesmerising Fingers

Comanechi have carved an enviable niche in the alternative scene over the last few years, thanks to their coruscating sonic aesthetic (courtesy of some of the most convincing guitar-shredding since the heady days of Superfuzz Bigmuff), and frontwoman and skin-pounder Akiko's banshee-esque stage persona. With the illustrious likes of Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon stating that "Comanechi make me want to punch holes in Thurston’s face until I can fuck it!”, we figured it would be a good idea to ask Akiko if she could give us a track-by-track rundown of the duo's explosive debut album Crime Of Love. The caterwauling favourite of photographer Richard Kern obliged with some charecteristically skewed pearls of wisdom and threw an exclusive preview of the Kenneth Anger-inspired video for the single "Mesmerising Fingers" into the bargain (produced by the up-and-coming video-making duo Lamo Wizard). Prepare to fall under the mesmerising spell of the feedback...

The Big Crime Of Love Breakdown...

1. "Prologue" – All the best albums start with demonic fucking racket! We can name few – Celtic Frost's Morbid Tales starts with massive screeching noise, as does Bolt Thrower's Realm Of Chaos and the seminal album Fade Out by Loop. Most bands start with the poppiest song so that it can be reviewed easily... we didn't do that.

2. "Rabbit Hole" – This track is about touring in Europe with Trencher, our favorite grindcore band. You will get a pretty good idea of what it's about when you hear the song.

3. "Crime Of Love" – It's about the reality of our generation, face it. There are warnings on the album artwork!

4. "Death Of You" – This is a very romantic love song about sucking a big cock and getting disgusting. The music video got banned from MTV.

5. "On'n'On" – This is all about my dark side. It's about losing my light and feeling trapped. It's actually one of the oldest songs we wrote but never released.  We decided to put it on the album at the last minute with some T-Rex backing vocals. It turned out so different, and 100 times better!

6. "Close Enough To Kiss" –  A friend of mine described this one perfectly: "It's a proper love song. It makes you want to hit something with all of your self, letting all the regrets, the fears and the doubts smash and then vanish, so that you can eventually cry. It's like the girl on the cover of the album... a girl crying tears of love. "

7. "Mesmerising Fingers" – This one is the first single. It wasn't really a sexual song to start with... but it turned out pretty sexual.

8. "I Wish" – This one is about the feeling of being left out and wishing you were getting what the people around you are getting – success, free shit, AAA passes. It's pathetic, but everyone feels it.

9. "My Pussy" – This is about my cat that got stolen when I was a kid – people were making drum skins out of cats in Japan. Tim from Part Chimp plays drums and recorded this song. He just hit the record button and ran over to the drum kit. We got it in one take.

10. "Why" – It's just an expression of the pure emotion I feel when somebody I love is going out with a loser... I just don't get it. You know, the pure feeling of WHY THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?!

11. "Lunatic" – Sometimes everyone feels like they want to die, right?

12. "69 R.O.M.P" (Revenge Of My Pussy) – This is episode two of "My Pussy" – just like Return Of The Jedi or Terminator. Hannah Billie from Gossip plays drums on this one. We had the riff when Hannah dropped by... She free-style drummed all over it and we recorded it in one take.

Crime Of Love is released on November 30 on Merok Records

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