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Caroline Polachek, “Billions” (BTS)
Photography Terrence O'Connor

Caroline Polachek is collaborating with Dido and Grimes

The US musician has revealed the tracklist for her upcoming album, which includes a Dido and Grimes feature, as well as new single ‘Blood and Butter’

Ahead of the Valentine’s Day release of new album Desire, I Want to Turn Into You, Caroline Polachek has revealed its tracklist the only way she knows how: in a quirky little Instagram video, staring directly into the camera and slowly reading each track name aloud.

With the sound of the London Underground whooshing in the background (“the next stop is King’s Cross St Pancras”) Polachek lists off the 12 tracks. But there’s one song that sticks, and it’s for all the right reasons.

“Track seven, Fly to You”, recites Polachek calmly, “featuring Grimes and Dido”. Yes, you read that right. Grimes and Dido. Dido and Grimes. Anti-Minion, elfin songbird Grimes, and the queen of early 00s sad girls, Dido. Plus it’s the only collab on the album, so we’re expecting big things.

Dido’s last release was 2019’s Still on My Mind, which landed at number 3 on the UK album charts – however her enduring cultural appeal rests on a bevy of y2k sad bangers, with hits such as “Here With Me”, “White Flag” and “Thank You”, which was sampled on the Eminem classic “Stan”.

Along with the tracklist announcement, Polachek also shared the new song “Blood and Butter”. And what I want is/To walk beside you/Needing nothing/But the sun that's in our eyes”, she laments hopefully, continuing “Paint the picture/In blood and butter/Holy water/Fire in the sky”. Whatever that means, we believe you!

The four-and-a-half minute track also features a bagpipe solo two thirds of the way through, and is produced by Danny L Harle who previously collaborated with Polachek on “Bunny is a Rider”.

At the end of January, Polachek also shared a remix to her 2022 single Welcome To My Island, which featured a stand-out guest verse from Charli XCX. “I guess I'm on my Richard Branson wave/No virgin, but I knew just how to behave”, Charli begins, before letting us know that “I can be a good girl, buxom milkmaid/Or you can drive me down to Florida and fuck me for days”. Some truly great stuff.

Caroline Polachek is set to headline Wide Awake festival this summer. Her new album, Desire, I Want to Turn Into You, is out February 14. See the full tracklist below.

  1. Welcome To My Island
  2. Pretty In Possible
  3. Bunny Is A Rider
  4. Sunset
  5. Crude Drawing Of An Angel
  6. I Believe
  7. Fly To You feat. Grimes & Dido
  8. Blood And Butter
  9. Hopedrunk Everasking
  10. Butterfly Net
  11. Smoke
  12. Billions

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