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Via Instagram/@skeptagram

Skepta launches a new record label and creative agency, Big Smoke

Since stepping away from rapping, the grime icon is focused on nurturing the ‘next generation of young creative talent’

Skepta (AKA Joseph Adenuga) has announced plans to set up a record label under the umbrella of his newly-launched creative agency, Big Smoke Corporation. This follows the artist’s 2021 announcement – around the release of his All In EP – that he would be stepping away from rapping to focus more on production work and “branch out” with other creative ventures.

Titled Big Smoke Records, the upcoming label will be part of the corporation’s broader effort to “nurture and invest in the next generation of young creative talent and executives across multiple fields”. The company will also provide creative consultancy services for media and brands, while its talent division will span music, film, and culture.

“During my career I’ve seen many brands and corporations capitalise on the cultural currency of the music and creative industries without adequately supporting artists or the those working within these industries,” says Skepta himself in a statement. “This is a unique opportunity for brands and corporations to collaboratively tap into the influence of the industry and culture whilst ensuring they are authentically and adequately supporting creatives and artists.”

Earlier this year, the Big Smoke Corporation was unveiled in collaboration with partners Puma and Channel 4. Skepta will also work with the sportswear company to bring his “deep knowledge of culture, music, art and style to the sporting franchise”.

In case you missed it, Skepta also undertook another new creative endeavour earlier this year, auctioning his first-ever (and only) painting at Sotheby’s. The painting, titled Mama Goes to Market, sold for £81,900.