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HALA One Still lead Tim Walker

See Hercules & Love Affair’s Tim Walker-directed music video for ‘One’

The track is from Hercules & Love Affair’s recent album, In Amber

Fashion photographer Tim Walker has directed the music video for Hercules & Love Affair’s explosive track “One”, starring performance artist Salvia.

The track is from Hercules & Love Affair’s 2022 album In Amber, their first new album since 2017’s Omnion, which sees DJ and producer Andy Butler reunite with ANOHNI for the first time since “Blind” from Hercules & Love Affair’s self-titled 2008 debut. 

Inspired by Jan Van Eyck’s singing angels, the music video sees Salvia as an ethereal creature emerging from the earth. “I was immediately excited about this project when Tim told me about it. Before I heard the song I was open to acting out anything for the video, because I loved everyone involved,” she said. “But when I heard the song, and I connected with it so much, I realised I would be able to channel my own experience and emotions into what I gave rather than just performing someone else’s story. So the video feels very natural and personal to me.”

“The lyrics by Andy Butler and ANOHNI are prophetic, important, and a warning. EVERYONE is natural no matter who you are. You are a child of Mother Nature. Respect Mother Earth, respect Nature and the natural. Without respect for the Earth she will unleash a natural armageddon of her making,” said Walker.

Watch the video for “One” below.