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Pxssy Palace
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Get tickets to Pxssy Palace’s queer music festival now

Overflo Festival is taking place on September 18 in London

Pxssy Palace, a club night that prioritises people of colour from marginalised genders and sexualities, is easily one of the biggest forces in London’s queer nightlife scene, known for its joyful parties that bring calm and happiness to the city’s LGBTQ+ and POC communities. Now, co-founder Nadine Noor Ahmad is teaming up with BBZ co-founder Naeem Dxvis to launch Overflo Festival, a one-day festival celebrating queer culture.

Taking place on September 18 at Burgess Park in south London, the multi-stage event promises to bring the very best of homegrown and international queer, trans, non-binary, Black, Indigenous and POC talent, not to mention an array of workshops, discussions, arts and culture inspired by the community.

Staff on-site will be specially trained, with intentional spaces designed with the comfort of typically marginalised festival-goers also available. Among these spaces is the Sanctuary, offering trans and non binary guests a moment away from the dancefloor to relax, rehydrate, engage with new ideas and hang out.

“As curators, we are concerned with queering everything we can, from opportunities to events. Overflo is no different. The festival is a natural progression from what we as a team have been doing with Lesbiennale, PXSSY PALACE, BBZ and the Sanctuary. People can expect meaningful curation, unforgettable experiences, care, and to come away feeling nourished and uplifted,” says Noor Ahmad.

“I can not tell you how many times I’ve been at a festival indulging in the oonst-oonst, far too aware of who wasn’t there, or who would love this but could never feel at ease here. It really goes without saying Overflo is long overdue,” adds Dxvis.

PXSSY PALACE Presents Overflo will take place on Sunday September 18, 2022, at Burgess Park, Peckham, London. Early Bird tickets are £15 and on sale here