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Hot Natured (Los Angeles, USA)

Jamie Jones' otherworldly musical project with Lee Foss is set to enthrall tech-heads with deep disco dishes

Making groove-filled deep house on labels Wolf + Lamb and Culprit, Lee Foss & Jamie Jones aka Hot Natured have earned a reputation for making sultry minimal with a disco feel. Famous for inventive edits, their takes on MGMT's Electric Feel rework the original into (luckily) unrecognisable cosmic tech numbers hitting Number Two in a Beatport chart. Fusing their solo work, Hot Natured is a cross between London-based Jones' often funky space-tinged tracks and LA's Foss' somewhat darker techno.

...special about you? We are from Saturn.
...your worst vice? The issue that doesn’t have the do’s and don’t’s in it.
…the story behind your name? Being from Saturn, we are extremely warm blooded, or hot natured in the regional dialect.
...your worst fashion secret? Going to get massive Hot Natured gold chains made.
...your favourite website?  Ebay = Jupiter 8
...better, analog or digital?  Hmm, analog for making sounds, digital for recording and sequencing them... the top of your shit list? The flux capacitor going out!
How would you describe your work? Deep eerie space funk.

Being quite groovy yet minimal, where do you find such interesting samples?
When it comes to the samples that is just a product of being DJs for so long, we’re both constantly looking for music and have been passionate about it long enough to always have old favorites to influence us or new finds to be excited about. A lot of 80s funk and 90s r'n'b though, to answer the question.
How are your solo projects different to Hot Natured?
Lee Foss: Hot Natured is a pretty good example of where our tastes meet in the middle. I would say Jamie leans towards a less is more attitude with production, his solo stuff is pretty ubiquitous now so most people have heard it. It’s really bassline-y and bouncy but with a great eerie sensibility for moody chords and notes. A lot of eastern influences in his sound, a lot of it can sound vaguely asian.
My solo work has a lot more liberal use of pads/chords, and veers more towards deep house and electro. We definitely use vocal snippets for Hot Natured stuff, but on my own I probably use a lot more, and I do a lot more sampling of 80s funk/disco and 90s r'n'b / hip hop.

What are you listening to now? La Roux, Tensnake, Notorius B.I.G., SWV, Rene & Angela...